Meet Jean Young Chung, MD

Breast Imaging Specialist in Parsippany

Dr. Jean Young ChungDr. Jean Young Chung is a Board Certified Radiologist. She performed her fellowship in Breast and Body at Saint Barnabas Medical Center. Immediately following her fellowship in 2007, Dr. Chung became a member of the Department of Radiology at Morristown Medical Center.

 Dr. Chung received her undergraduate training from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and received a BS in Biology. Dr. Chung then graduated from University of Pennsylvania Medical School where she received her medical degree. Her residency training then took place at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

 Dr. Chung is currently one of our Breast Imaging Specialists at The Carol W. and Julius A. Rippel Breast Center at Morristown Medical Center. In 2011 Dr. Chung was appointed as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Radiology at the Icahn School of Medicine of Mount Sinai, New York, NY.


 Univ. of Pennsylvania Hosp. Nuclear Medicine – Philadelphia, PA

July 2000-Aug. 2000. Medical Student. Retrospective data analysis of the efficacy of PET in the detection of bone marrow metastases in lymphoma patients and the detection of liver lesions in colorectal cancer patients or patients with rising CEA levels.

 Schering-Plough, Inc. – Union, NJ

Jan. 1997 – Aug. 1997. Biotechnologist. Optimization of recovery of recombinant DNA interferon alpha and interleukin products from yeast and E-coli Strains.

Proportional Technologies, Inc. – Houston, TX

June 1996 – Aug. 1996. Clincal Trials Research Coordinator. Data analysis and publication of FDA IND reports concerning the development of a 62Zn/62Cy generator for PET cardiac and brain imaging and a 178W/178Ta generator for blood perfusion studies.

Whitehead Institute Genome Center for Research – Cambridge, MA

Jan. 1995 – Aug. 1995. Research Assistant. Constructed and characterized mouse, rat and zebra fish DNA libraries out of yeast transformants.


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